Beyond the optical limitations of a device: Superresolution

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Since a few years ago, digital cameras and mobile phones have been fighting a marketing war with their competitors to see who can provide the greatest number of megapixels to their devices. In this way, one can find mobiles with 15 megapixels, a resolution that is similar to that which some professional digital cameras had. This is solely marketing strategy, in fact, the quality of images is limited either by the aberrations of optics (established by its quality) or by the diffraction limit. The optical resolution of a device, in case of diffraction, depends on its focal distance and the optical aperture, not being very strict we can compare it to the diameter of a sensor. Thi minimum size of each pixel in case of a mobile phone with a micro-camera with a 6mm diameter and a normal focal range of 18 mm, for a visible wavelength [...]