FITOVID: Computer Vision for the early detection of mildew patogens (plasmopara viticola) in grape leaves

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The goal of TECNALIA in the project is the development of a new portable device based on photonicsthat will allow the early detection of mildew in the grape leaves foliar tissue. The mildew is a disease caused by the Plasmopara vitícola pathogen, endemic in wet and warm climate cultivation areas. When the environmental conditions are favourable for the development of the disease, the vineyards are always treated with fungicides, although the presence of the disease is the plans in not known with certainty. Apart from the economic impact for the winery, this practice becomes a risk for the farmer, since fungicide residues remain in the soils and berries, affecting the global quality of the grape juice and wine. The 2009/108/CE directive, has as objective achieving a sustainable use of insecticides, reducing the risks and effects of insecticides in the human health and the environment and promoting the integrated management of plagues and alternative solutions, such as [...]