Color image processing for bathymetric measurement improvement on Euskadi beaches

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AZTI-Tecnalia (, a technological center with expertise on marine and food research, works on the study of coastline dynamics with the goal of establishing its relationship with its morphology and usages, given that this relationship is the one controlling, for instance, the flooding of maritime walks, beach configurations, or the suitability of conditions for leisure uses of the coastline. Of special interest is the analysis of the dynamics of beaches where a high degree of urbanization and exposure to the sea, together with a great environmental and economic value, makes them be in a fragile equilibrium. Spatial (from hundreds of meters till kilometers) and temporal (hours, days) scales characterizing the dynamics of the coast imply the unsuitability of conventional, limited and costly measurement techniques, to study the behavior of these coastal system. Fortunately, image and video-based measuring techniques (commonly known as coastal video-monitoring) allow us nowadays to describe [...]