Automated image analysis solutions for identification, cataloguing and monitoring of urban assets to enhance sustainability.

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“Nature-based solutions” are actions inspired by nature which use the features and complex system processes of nature, such as its ability to store carbon and regulate water flows, in order to help societies address a variety of environmental, social and economic challenges in sustainable ways. Nature based solutions examples are green roofs, green walls, urban farms, etc. Knowing the capacity of a city to host these types of nature based solutions allows defining what adaptation actions are available in the municipality, which needs to be modified, new areas that could accommodate these solutions and finally identify what their potential for climate change adaptation with such solutions. Tecnalia Research & Innovation, with experience in the specific subject of climate adaptation, has developed a methodology to identify and map NBS in municipalities through the call KLIMATEK I + B + G: Projects R & D, Innovation and demonstration in climate change adaptation 2016. [...]