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24 May 2018

Optical biopsy for the early diagnosis of skin cancer based on images

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Currently, the analysis of a suspicious skin lesions is done through biopsy, a process than usually takes several weeks until the definitive diagnosis is obtained. This means high personal costs, due to the uncertainty during the wait, and high economical costs to the health system, attributable to the cost of the procedure and consequent visits to the physician. Besides, the incidence of melanoma has nearly doubled in the last 10 years in the Basque Country and is growing at 10% rate per year in Spain. The 23th of May is the World Melanoma day. Tecnalia works in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country, Ibermática and NorayBio on the development of a computer aided diagnosis tool (CAD) for the early diagnosis of melanoma and basal cell carcinoma (BCC) based on images and clinical data. Molecular data related to prognosis is also being studied, as it can help to define [...]

19 Apr 2017

Decision making support in dermatology

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The incidence of skin cancer worldwide has grown at an alarming rate since the mid-1990s. The World Health Organization estimates that the incidence triples every decade. It is believed that in the last four years it has increased by 38% in Spain, according to data from the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. In addition, this trend is expected to continue in the next two decades, reason why awareness-raising and prevention campaigns are so necessary. There are different types of skin cancer. The most well-known for its high malignancy is melanoma, although it has a lower incidence than other types such as squamous cell carcinoma and basal-cell carcinoma (more frequent type). In any case, prevention is based on controlled exposure to solar radiation (especially ultraviolet radiation) and monitoring and control of existing moles and suspicious lesions. At present, it is estimated that 20% of primary healthcare consultations in Spain refer to dermatology topics. [...]

27 Jan 2017

PICCOLO project Kick-off meeting

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PICCOLO (ID: 732111) project kick-off meeting, funded by the European Commission under H2020 Photonics KET topic, was celebrated in Tecnalia Headquarts located in Derio (Spain) the 18th and 19th of January. Representatives from the different project partners participated in the meeting: Karl Storz Gmbh (Germany), L4T-Light4tech (Italia), Tyndall – University College Cork (Ireland), M-Squared Lasers Limited (UK), LENS – Laboratorio Europeo di spettroscopie non lineari (Italy), CCMIJU – Fundación centro de cirugía de mínima invasión Jesús Usón (Spain), Imperial College of science technology and medicine (UK), Bioef – Fundación Vasca de innovacion e investigacion sanitarias (Spain), and the project coordinator Tecnalia (Spain) . With a duration of three years, PICCOLO has as main objective the design and development of a multimodal photonic endoscope with high sensitivity that will facilitate real time diagnosis of colon cancer via a computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system. The project has a multidisciplinary team: pre-clinicians, clinicians, photonics [...]

21 Jul 2016

Fitovid Project on TV

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The Fitovid project, which main objective is the reduction of phytosanitary products in viticulture, has recently appeared on the Sustraia news magazine broadcasted on EiTB. The Computer Vision group of Tecnalia participates in the project developing a device based on photonics that allows the early detection of the mildew fungus in grape leaves before is visible to the naked eye. Two members of the group appear in the video explaining the work developed by Tecnalia in the project and next steps.