Automated verification solution for the foundry sector

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TECNALIA and the company specializing in the construction of industrial equipment Automatismos Maser have developed an automated solution for the final verification of the parts for the foundry company Betsaide. The development has been carried out with the support of the Basque Industry 4.0 program, aimed at financing intelligence projects in media and production systems and managed by the SPRI Group. The solution consists of a cell composed of two synchronized robotic arms and two camera systems. The first one captures 2D images to identify internal defects and inspect dimensional and mold variation aspects. Meanwhile, the second camera is a structured light 3D system with high processing speed for the control of surface defects, including those of curved surfaces, and aspects related to thickness in flat areas. This new system has allowed Betsaide to win a contract that, according to a note issued by Tecnalia, has given them [...]