Sarcoil (Sarralle group)– is developing new ranges of variable width profiling machines with the aim of optimizing the process (lower costs, reduce consumption, reduce rejection etc.)

One of the ways that has been detected to optimize the folding process is to obtain measurement data in different stages of the folder process to act directly on the process. However, this action cannot be direct, it is necessary to model the deformation process to be able to act in time and space anticipating the process in the different deformation stages. In addition, it is necessary to obtain measurement data in real time, convert the measurement data obtained into valuable information for the systems and send it where, when and how it is needed (industry 4.0 alignment).

With this objective the Perfilan project has been developed that has addressed these main activities:

  • Obtaining 3D data by means of 3D optical triangulation at key configurable points of the process (with the collaboration of the Tecnalia ComputerVision group)
  • Comparison with machine behaviour models (with the collaboration of the Tecnalia Siderurgy Group)
  • Performance on machine controls
  • Information feedback