The Computer Vision group has been the winner in the second edition of the “Tecnalia Attitudes” awards in the category “Put yourself in the customer’s shoes”, due to its excellent management of the German customer BASF.

The relation between Tecnalia and BASF started in 2013. Thanks to the effort and good work, this collaboration grew into a 4-year agreement signed in 2018, where Tecnalia stopped being a technological supplier and became a technological partner.

This award brings to light the successful experience of collaboration of the Computer Vision group with a big multinational company as BASF. This company is one of the biggest chemical companies in the world with 120,000 employees and one of the most important customers of Tecnalia.

Tecnalia collaborates with BASF in the development of image recognition tools for Research & Development. Nowadays, in the development of new fungicides, insecticides and herbicides, the processes to determine their effectiveness and validity are done manually by field technicians in different locations. The aim, through these technologies, is to automate these processes, which means an important benefit for BASF.

Working in cooperation and understanding internally and with the customer, looking after their interests and having a proactive and resolute attitude have been the keys of the group to be worthy of this award.