Industry needs to have a strict control over the different production process areas in order to guarantee the successful manufacture of a product. The steel industry, mills and any enterprise as a whole that works with high temperature products must know and control the temperatures in each area of its process.
The use of handheld pyrometers or disposable temperature probes for occasional measurements is commonplace, with its associated overrun cost. Furthermore, when an average value is needed, these captures are limited to a subset of points of the measured item, therefore generating possible sources of error and inaccuracy. Not only this, but this taking of discrete measurements throughout a process can very well run continuously in time.
TECNALIA provides the possibility to design and implement automated process control systems where temperature can be a critical factor both in the production process as well as in the traceability or quality systems. The aim, among other things, is to apply conventional image processing techniques to the field of thermography.
This provides the possibility to take continuous measurements, without contact or disposable elements and taking complex measurements of different areas of interest, including those that are hard to access. The use of thermal image cameras that can obtain detailed information on the temperature to be monitored can, in an automated manner and without interfering in the process, also detect the desired element and make different algorithms to obtain the required information at each process control stage. This way, it would be possible to obtain, for example, several measurements, such as: the average, maximum and minimum surface temperature of a pipe with a sole measurement before entering the mill, the average temperature for the batch that is poured in a casting mold, the immediate average temperature in a continuous casting process…. This provides a wide range of possibilities by applying multiple existing algorithms in conventional images to the thermographic image in a completely automated manner.