The correct analysis and quantification of images is fundamental in the biological and medical fields of science. Examples of images used in the medical field are X-rays, tomography, biopsies, PET and pathology images. The biological field also employs images, such as similar vegetable images and the detection and quantifying of cell anomalies. The analysis of these images is linked to the subjectivity of a person, the onset of new techniques, as well as the associated learning curve. BIOSIMIL (Automated system for similar image searches in medical image databases) is a development line that allows for an automated search of similar images based on image features (texture, colour, distribution, etc.) in large databases.The aim is to make available new processing tools for these types of images which can be applied to several fields, such as training with a quicker learning curve, or in the field of research, with faster and more efficient information searches that are associated to a pathology (in this case at hand, images). These tools can also be applied to the development of new medicines as well as in the healthcare field by helping both diagnoses in primary as well as specialised care, as well as in screening programmes.On the other hand, these tools allow for the automation and quantification of image parameters and thus allow the extraction of image biomarkers based on complex models that qualified staff may not detect at first sight.