VIDRALA manufactures glass bottles of different colors, shapes and diameters. In the manufacturing process, bubbles may appear due mainly to the temperature and oven parameters. If their presence increases over time, it is necessary to modify the oven parameters so that the bottles have the desired quality.

The goal of the system is the automatic detection of the presence of bubbles during the production process of the bottles in order to know the trend in its appearance.

The system developed is flexible, so that it can be adapted to different diameters and shapes as well as different colors, as well as to the variation of the speed of the production process, up to 250 bottles / min and with a resolution capacity up to 0.1 x 0.1 mm2.

Considering that the system has to work 3 shifts in a production environment, it has been robustly designed against for example, vibrations.

Machine vision based technologies, both the definition of the HW and SW solutions have been a challenge, considering the tiny size of the bubble, the speed of production and the behavior of the glass in motion.

Image of a bottle captured by the camera with the detected bubbles framed in the inspected area