PICCOLO (ID: 732111) project kick-off meeting, funded by the European Commission under H2020 Photonics KET topic, was celebrated in Tecnalia Headquarts located in Derio (Spain) the 18th and 19th of January. Representatives from the different project partners participated in the meeting: Karl Storz Gmbh (Germany), L4T-Light4tech (Italia), Tyndall – University College Cork (Ireland), M-Squared Lasers Limited (UK), LENS – Laboratorio Europeo di spettroscopie non lineari (Italy), CCMIJU – Fundación centro de cirugía de mínima invasión Jesús Usón (Spain), Imperial College of science technology and medicine (UK), Bioef – Fundación Vasca de innovacion e investigacion sanitarias (Spain), and the project coordinator Tecnalia (Spain) .

With a duration of three years, PICCOLO has as main objective the design and development of a multimodal photonic endoscope with high sensitivity that will facilitate real time diagnosis of colon cancer via a computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system. The project has a multidisciplinary team: pre-clinicians, clinicians, photonics components and technology providers and developers, endoscope providers and medical software developers. As a result, the endoscope will be tested and evaluated in real diagnosis conditions.

For further info see http://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/206510_en.html, otherwise contact Artzai Picón (artzai.picon@tecnalia.com) or Cristina López (cristina.lopez@tecnalia.com)