Special Machines business area, within the Industry and Transport Division in TECNALIA, is looking for motivated professionals to join the team. Specifically we are searching for researcherswith interest and knowledge in the field of Computer Vision.

Special Machines area is actively working on the development and implementation of Computer Vision systems in industry for the following applications:

  • Robotics for flexible manufacturing systems development 3D vision for automating various processes flexible manufacturing by robots.

  • Development of computer vision systems for other areas.

We are looking for a professional with 3-4 years’ experience in the field of machine vision applications and working in applied research projects and the development of turnkey solutions.



  • Industrial Engineering, Telecommunications, Computer Engineering or related degrees.

  • Degree in Physics, Mathematics.

  • Graduate or master’s degree in Computer Science.


  • We are looking for a researcher with strong technical background in computer vision or developments in the field of SW, in C, C ++, C # and / or Python, Matlab programming languages and machine learning techniques and algorithms and HW ( equipment, cameras, lighting, electricity and basic concepts of mechanics, networks and systems architecture).


  • Fluent in English spoken and written.


  • Availability to travel.


  • PhD

  • Knowledge of implementation on embedded platforms (DSP, CUDA …).

  • Active participation in research projects and / or interdisciplinary projects of the European Framework Programme