The area of Machine Vision at Tecnalia was established in 1986 aimed at providing solutions for industrial applications, automation and industrial quality control.

From the outset, the group centred its efforts in the development of machine vision systems that ranged from applied research to the development and implementation of systems for final users. Throughout this time, we have developed systems that encompass systems that range from the dimensional controls of parts, to quality control for finished products or piece positioning systems, including the first three dimensional scanning system for dental casts or systems for the measurement control of timber.

In time, we began to develop more complex systems based on our own technology for advanced three dimensional scanning, for the position control in lithography or for recycling systems based on colour and hyperspectral images.

The advances in the computational capacities of present day computers, as well as in sensor and lighting, coupled with the advances in the techniques in machine vision have allowed us to tackle new fields of work, such as the analysis of biomedical images or the analysis and interpretation of images requiring advanced algorithms and more expensive computational needs.

After 25 years in this pursuit, we want to share in this blog our experiences and expertise, advances in machine vision techniques and new ideas for applications. We hope to share this journey with all of you and that you are as excited as we are to begin this adventure.


– Tecnalia’s Computer Vision Team –